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Address: 15 Konstantin Fotinov Str., 4000 Plovdiv, BULGARIA
Telephone/Fax: ++359 32/ 628 374
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Legal registration: 8 February,1995
Head of the Board: Krasimir Loykov
Members of the Board: Aneta Dimitrova, Todor Dimov


Education for Democracy Center is a nongovernmental organization, which mission is to contribute to development of civil society and democratic ideas and values through training, consultancy, good practice and information exchangeamong nongovernmental organizations, institutions, business, media and public.
Main activities:
· Strengthening of democratic practice and involvement of broad circle of citizens from different age groups in forming of the civil policy;
· Development and implementation of programmes and projects;
· Development of training systems on democratic citizenship;
· Training, consultancy support and information provision for business organizations, state and municipal servants and NGO;
· Encouragement of multicultural dialogue and facilitation of multiethnic interaction;
· Publication;


Brief description of the activities so far
In 1992 the team of Education for Democracy Center started to work in a more structured and systemized manner being a regional branch of Negotiation and Conflicts Resolution Foundation and Partners for a Democratic Change Foundation – San Francisco. The same year our team became one of the co-founders of the first in Central and Eastern Europe Council on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution involving leaders of the main ethnic minorities in Plovdiv.
The period 1992-1995 was a time of gaining and enriching our experience in the sphere of intercultural communication and solving interethnic conflicts – we held trainings for minorities teaching them how to stand for and advocate their rights; we organized and held a series of discussions on: Minority children’s education, Media attitude towards Roma people and minorities, Housing problems, Unemployment among minority population. At that time our organization was invited to participate as a partner in the implementation of “Stolipinovo” National Programme for literacy and qualification courses. Our responsibility was to organize and carry out the motivation trainings. Having acquired our official registration and independent status of a non-profit organization we took part in a project for Development of Intercultural Dialogue in Bulgaria as a partner of CDR Associated, Boulder, Colorado, USA. This project was implemented in two phases: 1995-97 and 1997-98. Our team was in charge of the project implementation in Plovdiv, Pazardjik, and Assenovgrad. We were also responsible for holding regular national meetings and trainings of community leaders from the project target towns.
The years until beginning of 2000 were a time of organizational development and strengthening. At that period we realized more than 40 projects.
Some of the most important are: funded by the Democracy Network Program – Partners for a Democratic Change, NGO Incubator, Public Council of Education, National Conference “Together in 21st Century”; three projects funded by Civil Society Development Foundation - Youth City Council, City Newspaper “Burevestnik”, Basic Legal Knowledge for young people. We also implemented projects funded by: “Civil Society Development” Phare programme, Phare Lien Programme, Phare Access Programme, Europe Programme, Youth Programme, Open Society Foundation, Open Education Foundation, Democracy Commission at the USA Embassy, Cooperating Dutch Foundations, etc.
After 2000 we broadened our activities through initiating and implementing international projects and cross-border initiatives: Developing a Training System for Teaching Human Rights in Belarus and another project called A Trip to the World of Good – a two year cross-border initiative for encouraging youth dialogue and understanding on the Balkans with youth NGOs from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, and Albania.
During 2004, our team provided with methodological support for development of the Municipal development plan 2005 – 2013 of the Municipality of Plovdiv.
In 2005 and 2006 we initiated and supported a Municipal strategy on minority integration in Plovdiv as well as development and approval of a Programme on introduction of integrated education in our town.
The main activities of your organisation at present
At present we could summarize our activities as follows:
Developing and introducing new educational programmes in the sphere of training on democratic citizenship;
Organizing and running trainings on organizational development of NGOs and business organizations;
Assisting establishment, strengthening and development of non-profit organizations;
Consulting NGOs, organizing and carrying out conferences, open public discussions, round table discussions on community problems;
Holding information campaigns, mediation in conflict situations, work with young volunteers.
The projects we are currently working on are:
  1. A National project called „Partnership of equal opportunities”, financed by the European Social Fund through Operational programme “Administrative capacity”;
  2. „Centre of the municipalities” – a project aiming at development of regional management and development of multi-municipal projects, which is financed by Phare programme “Civil society development”;
  3. T.E.U.T.O.R. project financed by Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 – 2013 Leonardo da Vinchi, which aims at elaboration and experimentation of a common European vocational training model for tutors/trainers who follow the labour inclusion of disadvantaged social groups.
  4. Development of a Master Programme for Students on Applied Social Psychology – joint initiative with the University of Plovdiv and training programmes on regional development;
  5. Development of a Master Programme on Project Management and Holding negotiations and Conflict Resolution for students in Public Administration and International Relations – a joint initiative with the European University of Plovdiv;
  6. Train the Trainers Programme – training in Interactive Methods of Training
  7. Training and Developing the Personnel in the Centers for Working with Clients – A Programme of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources;


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